Information Governance


Ready for a more comprehensive, cross-media, cross-jurisdictional compliance program?
Is it time for a mature system—one that relies on state-of-the-art technology rather than boxes of paper?

At Fontis, our consultants create information governance strategies for some of the largest companies in the world—companies for whom compliance and defensibility are critical.  By analyzing your unique business needs and record keeping requirements, we create customized policies that enable comprehensive, compliant information governance.

Our consultants can help you:

  • Define an information governance framework that fits your business strategy and matches your compliance requirements
  • Create policies and procedures covering all aspects of a RIM program
  • Develop detailed governance and implementation models
  • Develop controls and audit procedures to ensure compliance
  • Conduct post-implementation reviews and provide continuous improvement strategies.

The result is a sustainable information governance framework that can stand up to the most intense scrutiny.

Contact Fontis to see how our consultants can improve your governance and compliance landscape.