Retention Schedule Development


Do you understand how your legal and compliance obligations apply to your business information?

Are you keeping records too long, or taking the risk of destroying them too early?

At Fontis, we help some of the world’s largest companies develop usable, sustainable classification schemes for their business records. Our consultants follow a staged development methodology that adheres to ISO 15489, incorporates all needed statutes and regulations, and accommodates your business needs.

Most of our competitors seem to offer the same thing, but come armed with only a spreadsheet and lengthy interview schedule. We go farther: we develop an effective, sustainable retention scheme and fully embed it in your business processes.

Let Fontis help you:

  • Develop an activity-based business classification scheme
  • Accelerate the development and implementation process
  • Enable distribution, collaboration, and validation of rules with Fontis Open Retention Manager
  • Connect with international legal citation libraries through the Fontis Legal Data Service
  • Rely on justified retention rules
  • Access support for downstream EDRMS/ECM applications.

The result is a fully implemented retention schedule that you can count on in the long run.

Contact Fontis to see how our technology and accelerator tools can dramatically reduce the time and cost of developing your enterprise retention schedule.