Records Information Management (RIM) Blueprint


Do you need to start or expand your Records Information Management (RIM) program?
Do you need a more mature system—one that can accommodate cross-jurisdictional complexity while ensuring legal compliance?

At Fontis, our advisors understand the challenge of developing RIM standards for a global enterprise. Our consultants have decades of experience developing and executing RIM programs across multiple industry verticals, for some of the world’s largest corporations. Our approach combines practical experience with best practices in RIM, change management, and program management.

Our advisors can help you:

  • Assess the current state of your RIM program
  • Identify gaps between current practices and best practices
  • Develop an ideal RIM strategy, based on the unique needs of your business
  • Create a road map for implementation, with a clear budget and timelines.

The result is an effective RIM program that is legally compliant, defensible, and sustainable.

Contact Fontis to see how our tools and services can reduce the time and cost of developing your RIM strategy.