Open Retention Manager

Fontis Open Retention Manager (ORM) is the industry’s leading information governance policy management system for records retention and defensible destruction. ORM is a fully integrated system with web services integration and cloud-connected retention research from the Fontis Legal Data Service. Each ORM module is designed to support the process and practices required in developing and maintaining a legally defensible enterprise records management policy. Its web services architecture enables rapid deployments. Import your existing retention schedule and ESI data map or build a new one using the highly distributable collaboration features.


Web-based Policy Authoring and Management

Create and manage retention schedules without email, older desktop technologies, or heavyweight enterprise applications

  • Build a records classification scheme or taxonomy using our rich metadata model
  • Tie legal obligations to record types to better inform retention rules
  • Set retention rules based on record type or jurisdiction—or both


Validate and Build Consensus Online

Use ORM’s commenting and feedback capabilities to validate data with dispersed stakeholders

  • Allow anyone inside or outside your organization to securely access Fontis ORM  through a browser and Internet connection
  • Set role-based permissions to safely manage access to certain parts of Fontis ORM
  • Engage in threaded discussions around specific objects and incorporate feedback online
  • Queue unapproved changes before official publication


ORM screen

Distributed Digitally

Integrate your retention schedules in real time with downstream applications or your intranet

  • Easily extract data into your downstream system through our open API
  • Access a dedicated developer website and documentation
  • Stay in sync across the enterprise without transferring flat files


Under Full Audit Control and Security

Stay in control of your records management program and maintain defensibility in court.

  • Every user event is logged and reported, allowing complete documentation of all changes to Fontis ORM data
  • Data security levels are comparable to other best-in-class financial data applications, including 256-bit encryption and a world-class SAS 70 server infrastructure


With Many More Additional Features

  • Enjoy flexible reporting options with Jasper BI Reports module
  • Import existing legal data and file plans through a variety of formats, including MS Office, XML, or flat files
  • Export data in a variety of formats, including MS Office, XML, or flat files
  • Create HTML and print-based reports
  • Run sophisticated searches using filtering and advanced search options

Fontis ORM is included with an LDS subscription or can be purchased without legal information for use as a stand-alone taxonomy and policy management application.

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