ORM 3.0 In The Offing - And Expected To Dock Before The Next Tide

ORM 3.0 In The Offing - And Expected To Dock Before The Next Tide

Submitted by Matt Hillery on Thu, 05/03/2012 - 17:32 in

I was interested to learn recently the phrase “in the offing” comes from nautical origins (see Gary Martin). Our last major software release of Open Retention Manager was deployed on May 16th of last year. Therefore, as planned, our next major release of ORM is scheduled one year later. We’re probably a few weeks behind schedule as of today, but 3.0 it’s in the offing.

An exciting new addition to this release will be an entirely new module designed for ESI data mapping. Over the past year a number of our customers have come to us with the idea that our fresh approach to a legally defensible retention schedule would be the ideal place to house and maintain an organizational map of records inventory information. In most cases, these companies are managing dozens of spreadsheets maintained by delegates throughout the organization. Ongoing coordination of these resources is time consuming and served as the basis for a simple cost savings business case for developing a fully integrated data mapping module to replace the spreadsheets.

We intend to continue to expand the data mapping module over time. Initially, you will be able to define a library of data locations. Places where information is stored. They can be physical or electronic, they can be onsite or offsite, production repositories or long term archives. Next, using an extension to our organizational hierarchy component in ORM, you will be able to build a hierarchy of data owners to represent stewards, custodians and other responsible parties throughout your organization. Finally, to link these items together, you will map data owners to locations and locations to record classes within the familiar ORM web interface.

What you end up with is an evergreen data map that is efficiently managed and distributed in the cloud. What you move away from are the versioning and consolidation headaches caused by dozens of spreadsheets in your email inbox. Best of all, your data map is integrated with the Fontis policy management system. And when combined with a subscription to the Fontis Legal Data Service, defensibility of your ongoing information disposal program gains a much greater degree of transparency.

Perhaps there are use cases for this module we haven’t considered or maybe what we have described thus far sounds pretty interesting. Let us know! We’re interested in working with a few new companies that don’t currently use our software to be part of a free pilot program. For more information drop us an email at info(at)fontisinternational(dot)com.