Company Profile


Since 2005, Fontis has been helping some of the world’s largest companies create effective, sustainable information governance programs. We pride ourselves on understanding the complexities of international law and creating easy-to-use retention systems that ensure compliance, dovetail with your business processes, and promote legal defensibility.

We understand that crafting and implementing an enterprise retention policy in a global setting takes much more than records management experience. That’s why we’ve created a team that brings together experts in records management, content technology, law, and large-scale program management.

Our network

When you work with Fontis, you gain access to a network of leading law firms around the world. Stretching across 160 jurisdictions and multiple industries, our network members deliver top-quality legal research, ensuring your retention policy is comprehensive, correct, and current.

Unlike our competitors, we’ve invested in technology. Rather than providing you spreadsheets and documents—and leaving distribution up to you—our research is provided via an easy-to-use online interface. That means your research is searchable, sortable, verifiable, and accessible worldwide. Plus, it’s continuously updated, so you always stay in sync with changing legal requirements.

Why Fontis?

Fontis is a Latin word meaning “from the origin or principal source.” We believe in bringing you the most current legal research, compiled by in-country legal experts—in other words, research straight from the source.