Open Retention Manager 2.0 Released

Open Retention Manager 2.0 Released

Submitted by Matt Hillery on Tue, 05/31/2011 - 04:00 in

Earlier this year we released Fontis Open Retention Manager (ORM) 2.0 and with it the introduction the Fontis Legal Data Service (LDS). The ORM/LDS suite represent a full records retention policy management solutions with subscription based legal research. Release 2.0 includes:


LDS Subscription Support
ORM now supports Fontis Legal Data Service (LDS) subscriptions. By subscribing to the growing database of legal sources, you can receive timely updates to international retention requirements. As legal sources are updated they are delivered to the ORM Maintenance Dashboard for review and acceptance.

Maintenance Dashboard
When you subscribe to a Fontis LDS source, a digital copy of the source is synchronized with your ORM Source Library. In the future, any changes to the original source that have been researched and implemented by the Fontis Legal Network, are delivered as maintenance updates to the ORM Maintenance Dashboard. From the dashboard, policy managers can review details about the changes prior to accepting and implementing the maintenance update in their environment.

LDS and Local Sources
LDS Sources are linked by unique identifier to their original copy within the LDS database. In order for these sources to be kept in sync with your local digital copy, LDS sources are not editable within ORM. Sources created locally, however, remain fully editable within ORM. One note, LDS Sources can still be disabled locally should you decide that they should not be used within your environment.
Release 2.0 went smoothly; currently we are converting clients from stand-alone ORM instances to fully integrated subscriptions to LDS. If you would like to see the power of our new generation subscription service yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us today.