Open Retention Manager 2.0 Released

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Earlier this year we released Fontis Open Retention Manager (ORM) 2.0 and with it the introduction the Fontis Legal Data Service (LDS). The ORM/LDS suite represent a full records retention policy management solutions with subscription based legal research. Release 2.0 includes:


Choices in International Legal Research - A White Paper

Submitted by Steve Formica on Wed, 05/18/2011 - 01:52 in

Clients frequently ask us about the best source for international legal research on records retention and data protection. More often than not, the question is immediately followed by "can't we just find it on the Internet?" If you haven't tried it yourself, the answer to the last question is sometimes, but not often enough to build an enterprise retention schedule.

Although we offer what we believe to be the best research product on the market in LDS, we cannot be all things to all people. So we describe a reasoned framework for choosing an international research source and describe the types of providers and some of the players. We have had the question arise often enough to publish our framework and process in a white paper titled, 6 Critical Questions to Ask, When Indentifying Enterprise Recordkeeping Requirements, published today. Check it out here.


ORM Release 1.3 Available

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We are pleased to announce the latest release of Open Retention Manager (ORM) ver. 1.3. Don’t let the relatively low version number fool you, our engineering team has really delivered on this one.

The Relationship Between Rules and Legal Sources in a Retention Schedule

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Typical enterprise content management systems (ECM) have records management modules that progress content through a lifecycle until it is declared a formal record, at which time the system allows the application of a disposition rule derived from the user organizations formal retention policy. The rule states how the disposition portion of the life cycle will progress.

ORM Adds Threaded Comments

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Oaktree Successfully Implements Fontis ORM

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Open Retention Manager beta program announced

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Fontis International is pleased to announce availability of our much anticipated Open Retention Manager (ORM) 0.1 beta release. The software is intended primarily for internal evaluation by global organizations seeking a web based solution for authoring and digitally publishing records retention policy throughout the enterprise. The open standards based software is designed for use by records management, corporate legal and IT organizations at any stage in their retention policy life cycle.

ARMA Financial Services Roundtable

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Given the current state of the financial markets and their impact on the economy, RIM is in the lime light. Steve Formica from Fontis and a panel of industry practitioners discuss the unique challenges of building and enterprise retention schedule in global financial firms. Join your colleagues to learn what else is coming in this highly regulated industry.

Finally there comes a solution

"Finally there comes a solution to manage retention schedules in a unprecedented way:

The seamless integration and management of records series, underlying sources (legal or other requirements) including a taxonomy based on a process oriented approach becomes true."

- Jürg Hagmann,
Novartis Information Governance